Chairmen's Summary: Cover Letter


In December 1999, member countries of the three international non-ferrous metals study groups the International Copper Study Group, International Nickel Study Group and the International Lead & Zinc Study Group convened a Workshop on Sustainable Development with the overall objective of ensuring the benefits of non-ferrous metals are available for future generations. An intergovernmental meeting following the workshop asked the Study Groups Advisory Committee to consider how to take the initiative forward. A consultative Forum representing all interested stakeholder groups was considered the best way to do this.

The Forum met for the first time on 28/29 September 2000 in Brussels co-chaired by Alek Ignatow, Natural Resources, Canada and Sauli Rouhinen, Ministry of the Environment, Finland. The Forum discussed components of an action plan and how these could be implemented based on the Workshop recommendations and items of greatest common interest to all the stakeholder groups represented in the Forum. Three ad-hoc working groups are to be established to take the actions forward. These are :-


  1. Production of Non-Ferrous Metals, including primary metal production
  2. Product Stewardship, including use and recycling, and
  3. Science, Research and Development.


Each working group will be looking at all the recommended activities from areas outlined in Annex A of the attached Co-chairs Summary Paper, and drawing up an implementing a programme of work. It is being circulated widely to all countries and stakeholders groups that might have an interest in becoming involved in the work of one or more of the working groups. [ I would be grateful if you would circulate it as widely as possible to anyone in your government, industry or other stakeholder groups in your country inviting them to participate in taking these groups forward.] Please let me know the names and what groups(s) you or your representative(s) will become involved in by Friday 26 January 2001. The Study Groups Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development will be meeting the week after this to consider all the responses and initiate the groups. If you or anyone else would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope you will be participating in the work of at least one of the groups and look forward to hearing from you.

 Yours sincerely,

 Secretary General



International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group