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Porto, Portugal

November 12-13, 2001 

 Participants List



 Title Organisation


 Estlander Alec Division Director Finnish Environment Institute
 Miles Gerry Assistant Director, Non-Ferrous Metals and Metal Recycling Metals Directorate Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom


 Coulas Maureen Commodity Market Specialist - Copper Department of Natural Resources, Canada
Kaur Narinder Engineering Industries Directorate Department of Trade & Industry, United Kingdom
Smale Don Secretary General International Lead and Zinc Study Group
Forum Participants:


 Almond Frank Independent Consultant to the WWF Sustainable Development and Planning Consultancy
Alvarez Carlos Fernández Jefe del Servicio de Minería no Energética Department of Energy Policy and Mines, Ministry of Economy, Spain
Arkesteijn Johan Consulting Analyst, BHP-Billiton plc
Arlandis Jose Vice President - Studies Atlantic Copper, S.A.
Arvidsson Sven Director,

Mineral Policy

Geological Survey of Sweden
Backman Carl-Magnus Associate Professor Geological Survey of Sweden
Baker Scott Assistant Director,

Environmental Program

International Copper Association
Balasubramaniyan N. Officer Indian Embassy, Portugal
Bauer Christian Researcher Department of Engineering, Geology and Hydrogeology, University of Technology Aachen
Bennett Phil Sector Manager Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom
Brekke Per Zakken Commissioner of Mines Directorate of Mining, Norway
Brown Eltha Project Manager Common Fund for Commodities
Burrell Ian Economic Adviser International Lead & Zinc Study Group
Bush Andy Technical Officer Lead Development Association International
Cammarota David Director, Metals Division Department of Commerce, United States of America
Chambers David Executive Director Center for Science in Public Participation (CSP2)
Chevalier Patrick Senior Advisor Department of Natural Resources, Canada
Cook Murray Environmental & Public Affairs International Zinc Association
Costa Luis President Geological and Mining Institute IGM, Portugal
Doyen Leon Ministre plénipotentiaire Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium
Dritsa-Doschori Olga Head of Section Ministry of National Economy Greece
Emsley Ian Manager Safety, Health and Environment Anglo American plc
 Gajardo Carlos International Affairs Advisor InterAmerican Mining Society (SIM)
Guajardo Juan-Carlos Economist International Copper Study Group
Hartley Chris Planning and Business Development Manager BHP-Billiton plc
Hocquard Christian Mineral Resources Division Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM), France
Hoffman Ulrich Economic Affairs Officer, Trade, Environment and Development Section UNCTAD
Hurens Patrick Secretary-General International Copper Study Group
Jaspard Robert Group Manager AGORIA
Jyrkönen Satu Senior Research Metallurgist Outokumpu Research OY
Kigma Dirk Economist International Nickel Study Group
Kirman Ivor President Nickel Development Institute
Koundakjian Patricia Consultant European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries - Eurofer
Lagos Gustavo Head of the Mining Centre Catholic University Chile
Laine Leila Manager Environmental Affairs and Product Stewardship OMG Finland Oy
Lancereau Carole Head of International Affairs DIMAH DGEMP Ministry of Industry, France
Lecoq Claude Secretary-General International Nickel Study Group
Lorenz-Meyer Stefan Directorate General Enterprise Unit E 2 European Commission
Mantajit Nopadon Director General Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand
Martins Luis   Geological and Mining Institute IGM, Portugal
Meyer-Wulf Claus Leiter Umweltschutz/


Hüttenwerke Kayser AG
Miguens Nelida Assessora Principal Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning, Portugal
Nakui Koji Representative Metal Mining Agency of Japan
Oliveira Ana Cristina   Geological and Mining Institute IGM, Portugal
Orlova Anna Visiting Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Russian Environmental Policy
Pacheco da Silva Carlos Vice-President Geological and Mining Institute IGM, Portugal
Payton Simon Secretary-General International Wrought Copper Council
Pesonen Ahti Manager - Business Intelligence Outokumpu Copper Products Oy
Podruski Frank Director, Manufacturing Industries Branch Department of Industry, Canada
Pootongchairit Somkiat Deputy Director-General Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand
Roberts Mike Senior Scientific Officer, Chemicals & Biotechnology Division Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
Ruhrberg Martin Environmental Affairs Officer International Copper Study Group
Rymer Les General Manager Department of Industry, Science and Resources, Australia
Santa Ana Soledad International and Environmental Affairs Chilean Copper Commission, Chile
Savolainen Esa Senior Adviser Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland
Smolders Jan President International Copper Association
Sobreiro Maria Jose   Geological and Mining Institute IGM, Portugal
Supria Daljit Sector Manager Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom
Surges Leonard Manager, Environment, Safety & Health Noranda Inc.
Valayapetre Monthop Director of Metallurgy Division Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand
Villas Boas Roberto Principal Researcher CETEM, Coordinator International CYTED Centre for Mineral Technology, Brazil (CETEM/CYTED)
Wallace Jean-Louis Senior Policy Advisor Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada
Wilson Brian Program Manager International Lead Management Center, Inc.
Wilson David Director Lead Development Association International
Young Alan Executive Director Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia
Young John Director Materials Efficiency Project


International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group