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IMAAC/UNIDO (International Materials Assessment and Application Centre
Villas Bas, Roberto C., (Brazil)
Research: Promotion of discussions, conferences, seminars, book and position papers on the issues of sustainable development and materials sectors of the economy

Inco Ltd
Middleton, W.J., (Canada)
Research: Life Cycle Inventory/ Life Cycle Assessment methodologies

Industrial Development Bureau
Chiu, Shen-Yann, (USA)
Research: Waste Minimization

Industrial Environmental Management Program
Lifset, Reid J., (USA)
Research: Industrial Ecology; solid wastes; environmental impact of e-commerce; Extended Producer Responsibility

Inst Advanced Materials Processing
Nakamura, Takashi, (Japan)
Research: Recycling; waste minimization

Inst National Resources Waste Management
Lan, C.Y., (Hong Kong)
Research: Reclamation of mine tailings; remediation

International Development Research Centre
Research: Mining Policy Research Initiative (1) Environmental and Health Impacts (2) Mining and Environmental Research

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University
Research: (1)Cleaner Production (2)Product Research

International Materials Assessment and Application Centre (IMAAC) / UNIDO
Research: Sustainable Development strategies for the production of materials

ITT Fluid Technology
Ayers, Robert L., (USA)
Research: SD; industrial water management; water crisis; sustainable economic growth

Moolenaar, Simon W., (Netherlands)
Research: Environmental management systems, materials flow accounting, soil quality management, substance flow analysis, heavy metals

International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group