Joint Study Groups’ Workshop on Enhancing Recycling in Emerging Markets

St. Petersburg, Russia (10-12 September 2003)

Over 100 participants drawn from governments, industry, international organisations and non-governmental organisations gathered at the State Mining Institute in St. Petersburg for the first international workshop on enhancing the recycling of metals in emerging markets on 10-12 September.

The workshop was opened by Vice Minister Vladimir Karastin from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and was honoured by an address of support from the Right Honourable Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

The workshop was structured to give participants the opportunity to discuss recycling policies and practices, recycling markets and information as well as recycling technology and innovation. Each session was followed by a panel discussion and lively debate. Workshop delegates then formed six breakout groups to discuss their chosen session themes and to develop findings and recommendations to take back to a plenary session on the final day.

The summaries of the breakout group discussions and the presentations made to the delegates in each of the three sessions are now posted in the Reports and Events section of the web site.