Working Groups

Production of Non-ferrous Metals


Template for Inputs on SD drivers

Social Local Y Strong
Environmental Regional N Weak
Economic National Unclear Failed
Soc/Econ Trade Area Still Active Unknown
Soc/Env UN
Econ/Env Site
Triple Bottom line Other
Incentives and Disincentives for Meeting Sustainable Development Objectives in the Metals Sector
An inventory of policy, regulatory and voluntary instruments and initiatives
Timeframe for Example What is the specific incentive or disincentive to meeting SD objectives Who initiated this initiative? Who were the target of this initiative? What was the objective of the initiative? What instigated or caused this initiative? Who was involved in making this initiative happen What was the focus? (Note categories of choices above) At what level did the initiative apply? Is this initiative completed What was the effectiveness of this initiative in meeting SD objectives Reference
apr-00 Community Development delivering social benefits Kelian Equatorial Mining Local Community and Government Facilitating Closure & Site Abandonment Political system change JV Partners World Bank Local NGOs Government Triple Local Still Active
International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group