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Production of Non-ferrous Metals


Template for Inputs on Community Engagement

Environmental assessment Y Strong
Community development promotion N Weak
Cross cultural communication Unclear Failed
Access to Information Still Active Unknown
Operational monitoring
Consulation evaluation tools
Evaluating Community Engagement Strategies in the Metals Sector
An inventory of corporate, government, NGO and community efforts to promote meaningful community participation
Timeframe for Example What is the specific community engagment program Who initiated this program? Who is involved in this program? What was the objective of the program? What instigated or caused this program to be established? Who was involved in making this program happen What was the focus? (Note categories of choices above) Is this program still active What was the effectiveness of this program? Reference
1992-present Equity Silver Mine Reclamation Monitoring Committee Government of British Columbia and Placer Dome Local Community, Government and Industry Monitoring and refining reclamation activities and the associated financial security Substantial post-closure concerns recognized by all parties led to need for transparent and accountable structure Placer Dome Canada, BC Government, local NGOs Operational monitoring Still Active Strong http:/ (?),
International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group