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Evaluating Community Engagement Strategies in the Metals Sector

Evaluating Community Engagement Strategies in the Metals Sector          
An inventory of corporate, government, NGO, and community efforts to promote meaningful community participation                    
Timeframe for Example What is the specific community engagement program Who initiated this program? Who is involved in this program? What was the objective of the program? What instigated or caused this program to be established? Who was involved in making this program happen What was the focus? (Note categories of choices above) Is this program still active? What was the effectiveness of this program? Reference
1992-present Equity Silver Mine Reclamation Monitoring Committee Government of British Columbia and Placer Dome Local Community, Government and Industry Monitoring and refining reclamation activities and the associated financial security Substantial post-closure concerns recognized by all parties led to need for transparent and accountable structure Placer Dome Canada, BC Government, local NGOs Operational monitoring Still Active Strong http:/ (?),
Soledad Santa Ana/Carlos Gajardo                    
1999/2000 and 2001/2003 Movement of the mining workers and families to non-affected local areas (from the Potrerillos and the Chuquicamata operations) Chilean Government Government, mining workers, industry To avoid population surrounding mining sites are exposed to pollutants To comply with the Decontamination Plan Industry Environmental assessment Still Active Strong
1998 and ongoing Sustainable Development Council Chilean Government Government, Civil society, Industry Public input to decisions Commitment with the Earth Summit Chilean environmental agency (CONAMA) Cross cultural communication Still Active Weak
May-96 National and Regional Councils of Advisors on the Environment Chilean Government Scientists, business community; NGOs, labour unions, governmental officer To coordinate environmental efforts at the regional level and to comply with others functions entrusted by the law. To pronounce upon questions on the environment at each region of the country. TheChilean Basic Law on the Environment Chilean environmental agency (CONAMA) Environmental assessment Still Active Strong
Karen Powell                    
2001 Indigenous Partnerships Program Australian Government Government, industry community Establish and maintain sustainable business relationships with indigenous communities Establishment of sound relationships recognizing cultural differences and opportunities for economic independence Government, industry and indigenous communities Cross cultural communication Yes Strong
1999 - present Strategic Framework for Mine Closure Australian Government, Minerals Council of Australia Government, industry community Provide best practiceframework for mine closure Encouragement of the development of comprehensive closure plans Government, industry, Ngo's and community Environmental assessment Yes Strong
These two programs are run by the department; there are too many Commonwealth, State and Territory Government programs and legislation that include community engagement to try to list here. Each state and territory has its own legislation for mining operations and rehabilitation that would include community engagement.      
Brian Wilson                    
1999 - present Community Environmental Protection and Healthcare Management Met-Mex Peñoles (Peñoles) Residents, their doctors and the local education authorities To reduce the levels of population lead exposure by minimizing lead contamination in the immediate vicinity of the plant Elevated infant lead in blood levels Met-Mex Peñoles (Peñoles) - Deapartment of Community Relations, Environmental Health Department and the local residents associations Biological Monitoring and Environmental Remediation Program Yes Population lead in blood levels have been reduced, especially amongst the children No reference - work unpublished to date.
1999 - present Communication BHP Cannington WWF, Local Community, BHP Cannington and the North Queensland Conservation Council To achieve an independent and external appraisal of environmental performance and long-term environmental sustainability Australian Minerals Industry Code for Environmental Management BHP Cannington, the North Queensland Conservation Council and Macquarie University. Environmental audit and communication Yes. Improved community relations Mick Roche, BHP Cannington
1990-2000 Childhood lead in blood levels. Community groups, local government, the Province of British Columbia and Cominco Ltd. Community groups, local government, the Province of British Columbia and Cominco Ltd. To develop a strategy for reducing Trail children's lead exposures 1989 study found elevated childhood blood lead levels Community groups, local government, the Province of British Columbia and Cominco Ltd. Biological Monitoring, Education and Environmental Remediation Programs No. From 1996 to 1999, the average blood lead level of children tested for the first time fell by 54% - from 11.0 g/dL to 5.1 g/dL. Current childhood averages are 2.6 g/dL. "Health Risk Management in an Active Lead/Zinc Smelter Community", published in BC Health and Disease Surveillance, Vol. 7, No. 4, 1998 by Hilts, Yates & Ames.]
Martin Ruhrberg                    
Sep 1998 Mines & Community Contacts Program Gold Fields (Far West Rand goldfields) Community Based Organisations (CBO), NGO Exploring ways of improving the quality of public participation in the mining industry and seeking to reduce the opportunities for conflict between mines and their neighbouring communities Stakeholder hearings in the context of the National Environmental Management Act 1998 Gold Fields, NGO, CBO, South African Chamber of Mines Access to Information Still Active
1999 Sustainable Minerals Round Table US Forest Service, US-Geological Survey   Develop national scale, consensus set of SD indicators for energy and mineral material systems     Triple bottom line Still active    
1993 White Horse Mining Initiative Leadership Council Accord Mining Association of Canada Natural Resources Canada Adopts a strategic vision for a healthy mining industry in the context of maintaining healthy and diverse ecosystems in Canada, and for sharing opportunities with Aboriginal peoples   Multistakeholder effort, NGO, aboriginal people Triple bottom line
1999 Tampakan Copper Project (Philippines) WMC Philippean Government Contribute to national development by helping the host and neighbouring communities of the Contract area and to recognise rights, customs and traditions of indigenous tribal people Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (legally required) Philippean Government Social/economic Still active   MERN Bulletin n 15 199/2000, p. 226
  Community development initiative at Yanacocha mine (Peru) Yanacocha management Ade Four, ITDG, Care International, Peruvian Department of Health, Community Association leaders Establish community welfare programmes like school meals, overnight shelter in schools, plant nursery, setting up saw mills to promote entrepreneurship, construction of bridges Need for Community development Company provides funds, management expertise and technical support for community welfare programmes Triple bottom line Still active   MERN Bulletin n 15 199/2000, p. 226
NRCAn: Patrick Chevalier                    
1989-present Falconbridge Foundation Inc. Falconbridge Dominicana, C. por A. Local Community, Government and Industry Mission is to promote equitable, responsible and participatory self development in the provinces of Monseñor Nouel and La Vega, Dominican Republic To enhance the educational, cultural and social conditions, to empower the local community to solve local prpblems, support programs related to health care abd disease prevention in rural communities Falconbridge Limited, local government, local communities. Community development promotion Still Active Strong - over US$7.8 million in grants distributed from 1990 to 2000, of which 64% directed towards education, 17% on environment, 10% on health, 7% on cultural programmes  
1993 - present Raglan Agreement Falconbridge Limited Local Community and industry To provide a framework for employment opportunities for the local Inuit populations, process for priority bids for contracts, the establishment of a local trust fund and mitigation and monitoring of the environment beyond regulatory requirements. Sensitivity to the remote northern location and potential for economic, social and environment impacts Falconbridge Limited, Quebec government, Makivik Corporation and two of its subsidiaries (the Qarqalik Landholding Corporation of Salluit, the Nunaturlik Landholding Corporation of Kangiqsujuak (Wakeham Bay)) and the communities of Salluit and Kangiqsujuak. Community development promotion Still Active Strong- first Canadian mining project to complete an impact/benefits agreement with the local aboriginal people. Falconbridge went received the Quebec First Peoples Business Association Grand Prize in 1997, in recognition of its efforts in native employment, its support of aboriginal business and the Raglan Agreement.
1990-2000 Trail Community Lead Task Force Cominco Limited, City of Trail Cominco Limited, Province of British Columbia, City of Trail, local community groups To develop a strategy for reducing children's lead exposures in the city of Trail. Studies indicating children's blood lead levels in Trail were significantly higher than those in the nearby communities. Cominco Limited, City of Trail, British Columbia Minitries of Health and Environment. Operational monitoring No Strong - Task Force completed its original mandate in January 2001 and delivered a series of recommendations to the BC Minitsry of Environment
2000 - present Dome Watchful Eye Local citizens group Local residents, City of Timmins, local community groups including environment, Chamber of Commerce, Timmins Economic Development Corporation, Dome Mine employees. To be an informed sounding board in liason with Dome Mine to assist in problem solving and to work towards building a sustainable community. Formed to support Dome Mine's sustainability Policy Local citizen groups Operational monitoring Still Active Strong - Dome Watchful Eye committee was bestowed the prestigious Award of Merit presented by the City of Timmins Mayor for it's commitment and dedication to the environment.
1999-present World Alliance for Community Health BHP, Placer Dome, Pasminco, Rio Tinto and WMC in partnership with the WHO Industry, local governments, charitable organizations and universities in the development and delivery of health programs. The World Alliance was formed to contribute to sustainable improvements in community health. Achieved primarily through initiatives that address priority needs and issues related to communicable disease in areas where members operate. All projects are undertaken in a manner that meets WHO criteria, the requirements of host countries and the needs of the local communities. Formed when member companies realised that their health programs would be more effective and could be extended to benefit more people if they worked with other organizations. Industry. WHO, local governments community development promotion Still Active Development stage, tweo prjects have received WHO approval for work in Papua New Guinea
1995-present Joint Industtry-Municpal Committee for risk management for Montreal-East (CMMI) Local Municipality Joint committee composed of 10 of the largest industrial companies in Montreal East (including Noranada Inc.'s Canadian Copper Refiners), along with representatives from municipal, provincial and federal government agencies and the community. To advise the local community of any identified potential risks, and will communicate its plans and actions to mitigate those risks. Concern related to community risk in the event of an industrial accident. Local municipality, local industry and the community Operational monitoring Still Active unknown
1999 - present Mining Vocational Training Institute "Centro Educativo Vocacional El Mochito (CEVEM)" Industry, local community groups Breakwater Resources, in partnership with the local Catholic Parish and USAID To improve the educational level of the company's employees and their families as well as members of the local community. To improve local conditions and levels of education at El Mochito mine, Honduras. Local industry, local community and international aid agency. Community development promotion Still Active strong
1982 Cominco Alaska/NANA Agreement Industry, local community groups Cominco Limited, Northwest Alaska Native Association (NANA) To allow indigenous people to pursue their traditional lifestyle while at the same time provide modern training and employment. To provide for a schedule of royalty payments, and profit sharing, joint management and advisory committess, training, and employment programmes, as well as environmental protection Local industry and local indigenous community association community development promotion still Active strong
Note: These are but a few specific examples of the types of programmes being conducted by Canadian mining and metal companies either in Canada or through their international subsidiaries. Many other activities through local sponsorship of community events, grants and scholarships, hospital foundations, training programmes etc. are funded on a continuous basis and do not fit under any specific heading, but contribute greatly to the local community in which these companies operate.        
Lian Scholes/ Naima Bradley                    
2002 for non-ferrous sector Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) consultation process UK Government Local Community, Government and Industry Environmental protection Implementation of European Directive. UK Government, Environment Agency for England and Wales Access to Information Still Active Unknown
Chris Hartley                    
1999 - present Mozal Community Development Trust Mozal Shareholders (BHP Billiton, Mitsubishi, IDC & Mozambique Gov't) All levels of gov't, NGO's, local community (10km) & industry Small bus dev Education & training Health & environ Culture Infrastructure Integral part of project development to address social issues Mozal shareholders Community development promotion Still Active Strong
1980s - present Billiton Development Trust Gencor (acquired Billiton in 1994) All levels of gov't, NGO's, local communities & industry Socio-economic development of communities Recognition of shortage of resources from Gov't Gencor/ Billiton Community development promotion Still Active Strong
1990s - present Fundacion San Isidro Cerro Matoso SA (Billiton) Local Communities & Industry Socio-economic development of communities Development of local skills Billiton Community development promotion Still Active Strong
1997 - present ? Tampakan Community Foundation WMC Ltd Local Communities & Industry Confidence building amongst indigenous people Recognition of significant tensions between local community and central gov't WMC Cross cultural communication Unclear Unknown
1988 - present BHP Community Trust BHP Local Communities & Industry Socio-economic development of communities Development of local skills BHP Community development promotion Still Active Strong
Alan Young                  
1998-present Tambogrande resettlement consultation process Manhattan Minerals Local Community, national and regional NGOs, Government and Industry Assessing community resettlement options in the event of a mine approval Environmental permitting process for a porposed mine beneath agricultural town in Peru Company, Peruvian government, and local government Environmental assessment Still Active Weak  
1999-present Ekati Independnet Environmental Monitoring Agency Government of Northwest Territories (Canada), BHP, and Dogrib First Nation regional and national government, company, Aboriginal groups monitoring operational issues at Ekati diamond mine Follow-up to Environmental Assessment to address outstanding commmunity concerns company, regional and national government and aboriginal organizations Operational monitoring Still Active Strong  
1997?-present Porgera Public Environmental Advisory Committee Placer Dome and PNG government local community, regional government, NGOs, company monitoring and improving environmental performance at Porgera mine Company/government initiative company, regional and national government, NGO and aboriginal organizations Operational monitoring Still Active Weak  

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