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Weidema, Bo Pedersen 2.-0 LCA consultants Borgergade 6, 1., 1300 København K, Denmark Denmark +45 333 22822 +45 339 11103 Life Cycle Assessment; co-product allocation   member of the SETAC Steering Committee on LCA  
Masayuki, Sagisaka AIST   Japan +81 298 61 8022 +81 298 61 8195 CA for mineral industries, sustainable development, energy resources analysis, mine safety      
  APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation)   Asia Pacific +65 276 1880 +65 276 1775 Contribution of science, engineering and technology to sustainable economic development   Intergovernmental; APEC reviews SD issues at ministerial level. A conference was called specifically on SD and science in 1999. Details are available at NO
Polprasert, Chongrak Asian Inst Technol Env Eng Program, Asian Inst Technol, Bangkok 10501, Thailand Thailand Hazardous waste generation and processing; waste reduction measures; hazardous waste engineering; resources recovery LRJ Liyanage    
Ackermann, Peter Brandenburgisches Umweltforschungszentrum e.V. Universitat Potsdam Germany Sustainable Development   photovoltaic cell SD  
  CANMET Mining and Minerals Sciences Laboratories   Canada +1 613 947-6580 +1 613 952-7501 Expertise includes advanced mining systems; mine-related health and safety; emissions and effluent management, including mine closures and reclamation; and metals in the environment.   Research Inst.; The Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories provide quality research and development services, technology and sound scientific advice to Canada's mining and minerals industries, and to provincial and federal government departments involved in promoting or regulating these industries. YES
Kasamas, Harald CARACAS (Concerted Action on Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites) CLARINET (Contaminated Land Rehabilitation Network for Environmental Technologies in Europe) CLARINET Office, Breitenfurterstr. 97, A-1120 Vienna, Austria Europe +43 1 804 93 192 +43 1 804 93 194 Risk Assessment, contaminated land rehabilitation   Research Inst.; Networks that bring together expetise from researchers, regulators, technology developers and industry to look at contaminated land risk assessment and management in Europe. NO
  Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESN)   USA +1 202 314 3822 +1 202 488 8679 Hub for earth science sites   Research Inst.; Based at Columbia University, USA. World data centre for science. NO
  Centre for Science and Environment, India   India +91 11 608 1110 +91 11 6085879 Health and environment, climate change   Research Inst.; Leading Indian NGO with interest in sustainable resources management. NO
  CETEM - Centro de Tecnologia Mineral   Brazil +55 021 3865-7222 +55 021 2260-2837 Research centre addressing the devolopment, adaptation and dissemination of mineral, metallurgical, materials and environmental tecnologies   Research Inst.; Mission is to promote Brazilian tecnological development creating solutions compatible to the sustainable use of mineral resources and to the preservation of the environment thus contributing to the social welfare and to the economical progress of the country. YES
Råde, Ingrid Chalmers Univ Technol Dept Phys Resouce Theory, S-41296 Gothenburg, Sweden Sweden +46 31 772 3126 +46 31 772 31 50 Datasets for Life Cycle Assessments BA Andersson Electric vehicle batteries  
Gilles, D.G. Civ Eng Corps US Naval Base, Code N43B, Norfolk, VA 23451 USA         Waste generation and minimization RC Loehr Waste generation and minimization in semiconductor industry (1994)  
  Collaborative Research Centre 525   Germany +49 241 80 5667 +49 241 888 272 (1)Metallic raw materials flows (2)Sustainable resource management   Research Inst.; Publicly funded interdisciplinary German R & D Centre YES
Solo-Gabriele, Helena College of Engineering, Depatment of Civil Engineering University of Miami, 325 McArthur, Coral Gables, FL 33124-0630, USA USA +1 305 284 3391 Waste minimization, re-use, recycling, disposal; drinking water issues Timothy Townsend, Jennifer Penha, Thabet Tolaymat, Vandin Calitu Pressure-treated wood (CCA) SD issues; metals in wood and environmental impacts of pressure-treated wood  
Banken, Reiner Conseil d'evaluation des technologies de la sante Montreal, Quebec Canada Historical evolution of health impact assessments as part of the environmental assessment process; health policy      
  CYTED-XIII Iberoamerican Programme on Minerals Technology   Brazil +55 21 3865 7222 +55 21 2290 9196 Sustainable development issues in the minerals extraction industries   Research Inst.; Network groups, seminars and conferences on metals and minerals towards sustainable development. YES
Reuter, Markus Andreas Delft Univ Technol Fac Appl Earth Sci, Dept Raw Mat Technol, Mijnbouwstr 120, NL 2628 RX Delft, Netherlands Netherlands 015 278 2903 015 278 2836 Simulation of industrial systems; ISO 14000; Life Cycle Assessment; simulation model with interconnected routes for several metals   Life cycle analysis for the German Copper Industry and Project for the EC on recycling of materials  
Nielsen, Pia Holst Departmenet of Manufacturing Engineering Technical University of Denmark, Building 425, DK 2800 Lyngby, Denmark Denmark +45 4525 4763 +45 4593 0190; Department: Life Cycle Assessment M Hauschild Municipal solid waste landfills; models  
Huang, Yinlun Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Wayne State University, USA USA +1 313 577 3771 Environmental pollution prevention H.R. Lou Industrial pollution prevention P2 and profitable P2 (P3) strategies for the electroplating industry;  
Buchberger, Steven G. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati, P.O. Box 210071, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0071 USA USA +1 513 556 3681 +1 513 556 2599 Best Management practices for urban highway runoff JJ Sansalone Characterization and control of nonpoint pollutants from urban and rural watersheds  
Barlaz, Morton A. Department of Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, Campus Box 7908, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7908, USA USA +1 919 515 7676 +1 919 515 7908 Life Cycle Inventory K.W. Harrison; R. D. Dumas; S.R. Nishtala Life-cycle inventory model of municipal solid waste combustion  
Xu, Jingcheng Dept of Materials Science Lanzhou Univ, Lanzhou 730000, China China Life Cycle Assessment Weichang Hao; Xinli Kou; Tianmin Wang Object-oriented Life Cycle Assessment database  
Athanassiadis, Dimitris Dept of Silviculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Dept of Silviculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 901 83 Umeå, Sweden Sweden +46 90 786 62 87 +46 90 786 76 69 Application of Life Cycle Assessment G Lidestav, I Wasterlund Forestry; material consumption due to spare part utilization for work machinery; includes metals and brass  
Young, Brian C. Envirosafe International Pty. 1A Yarrbat Ave., Balwyn, Victoria 3103, Australia Australia +61 0 3 9888 4154 +61 0 3 9830 1678   Value-added agglomeration; waste minimization; greenhouse effect; metallurgical solid wastes      
  European Union   Europe Sustainable Development Strategy (climate change, public health, pressure on natural resources)   Intergovernmental; Framework recommendations on SD adopted by Commission for EU summit at Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2001. DG Environment has also set up a Sustainable Development division and a Sustainable Resources division following a recent internal reorganisation. NO
Petek, Janez Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor Smetanova 17, 62000 Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia Slovenia +386 62 221 112 +386 62 227 774 Waste Minimization methodology P. Glavic Waste minimization methodology suitable for Eastern Europe  
Shuey, S.A. Freeport-McMoRan  Mine site remediation      
Villas Bôas, Roberto C. IMAAC/UNIDO (International Materials Assessment and Application Centre Avenida Ipê, 900- Ilha da Cidade Universitária, 21941-590 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil 55 21 3865 72 19 55 21 2260 91 54 Promotion of discussions, conferences, seminars, book and position papers on the issues of sustainable development and materials sectors of the economy      
Middleton, W.J. Inco Ltd Copper Cliff, ON P0M 1N0, Canada Canada +1 705 682 5202 +1 705 682 5319 Life Cycle Inventory/ Life Cycle Assessment methodologies RJ Hilton; SB Young    
Chiu, Shen-Yann Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs, 41-2 Sinyi, Taipei, Taiwan USA +1 630-252-6034 Waste Minimization   Waste minimization study for printed circuit board facility; plant audits  
Lifset, Reid J. Industrial Environmental Management Program Assoc. Director, IEMP, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 285 Prospect St., Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA USA +1 203 432 6949 Industrial Ecology; solid wastes; environmental impact of e-commerce; Extended Producer Responsibility   Editor of Journal of Insustrial Ecology; market development for recycling and composting  
Nakamura, Takashi Inst Advanced Materials Processing Tohoku University, Sendai 980-8577 Japan Recycling; waste minimization Masafumi Maeda; Kimihito Satoh; Yoshinori Yajima Smelter technology; dust  
Lan, C.Y. Inst National Resources Waste Management Dep Biol, Hong Kong Baptist Univ, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Hong Kong Reclamation of mine tailings; remediation WS Shu; MH Wong    
  International Development Research Centre   Canada +1 613 236 6163 +1 613 238 7230 Mining Policy Research Initiative (1) Environmental and Health Impacts (2) Mining and Environmental Research   Research Inst.; Public Agency set up by Canadian government - focuses on developing countries NO
  International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University   Sweden +46 46 222 0200 +46 46 222 0210 (1)Cleaner Production (2)Product Research   Research Inst.; Swedish Institute, active in research activities and environmental policy advice in Eastern Europe and Asia NO
  International Materials Assessment and Application Centre (IMAAC) / UNIDO   Brazil +55 21 3865 7219 +55 21 2260 9154 Sustainable Development strategies for the production of materials   Research Inst.; Promotion of discussions, seminars and position papers on the issues of sustainable development and the materials sector of the economy YES
Ayers, Robert L. ITT Fluid Technology ITT Industries FTC Headquarters, 10 Mountain View Road, Saddle River, New Jersey, USA 07458 USA SD; industrial water management; water crisis; sustainable economic growth      
Moolenaar, Simon W. IWACO IWACO, Branch Office West, PO Box 8520, 3009 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands Netherlands +31 10 286 5418 +31 10 220 0025 Environmental management systems, materials flow accounting, soil quality management, substance flow analysis, heavy metals      
Itubo, Norihiro Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry Ueno 1-17-6, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8535, Japan Japan +81 3 38 32 7085 +81 3 38 32 2774 Life Cycle Assessment   Life Cycle Assessment for metal industry  
Lindstrom, Kris P. K.P. Lindstrom, Inc. PO Box 51008, Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA +1 831 372 5989       Pollution Prevention; Source Reduction A Renescu Pollution prevention studies of sanitation districts in California; reduction of influent loadings  
Abatzoglou, Nicholas Kemestrie Inc. 4420 Garlock, Sherbrooke, PQ, Canada J1L 2P4 Canada +1 819 569 4888 +1 819 569 8411 "Zero effluent" technologies Juan-Carlos Fernandez; Esteban Chornet BIOSYN gasification technol  
  Korea Institute of Science and Technology   Korea +82 2 958 5803 Materials science, technology and environment   Research Inst.; Korea's leading R & D institute - has worked on SD issues NO
Forssberg, Eric Lulea University or Technology Division of Mineral Processing, Solhagavägen 22, 18463 ÅKERSBERGA, Lulea, Sweden Sweden 0920 91311 End-of-life electric and electronic management; recycling Shunli Zhang; Jan Van Howelingen; Peter Rem; Liu-Ying Wei Copper recovery  
  Metals in the Environment Research Network   Canada +1 519 837 3320 +1 519 837 3861 Ecological Risk Assessment, metals transformation, metals and human health, metals and ecosystems   Research Inst.; Canadian network of Toxicology Centres, based at the University of Guelph in Ontario. NO
Kerfoot, W.C. Michigan Technological University Lake Superior Ecosystems Research Center & Dept Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological Univ, Houghton, Michigan 49931 USA +1 906 487 2769 Copper mining; copper cycling in lake ecosystem; Director - Lake Superior Ecosystem Research Center      
  Minerals Metals and Sustainable Development (MMSD)     +44 20 7269 1634 +44 20 7831 6189 Life Cycle Assessment   Research Inst.; Research project undertaken by the IIED due to complete in December 2001. Forms part of the preparation for the Global Mining Initiative conference in Toronto scheduled for May 2002. YES
Warhurst, Alyson Mining and Energy Research Network MERN, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK +44 0 24 7657 3130 Environmental, social and economic impacts of development projects within the mining, minerals, metals and energy sectors, and their implications for public policy, community well-being and corporate strategy   Unit sponsored by a Consortium of Business Partners; international collaborative research network with 140 centers of excellence worldwide; promotes Corporate Social Responsibility  
Harrington, Karen Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance 520 Lafayette Road N, 2nd Floor, St. Paul, MN 55155-4100, USA USA +1 651 215 0233 Life Cycle Inventory Paul A. Smith Life Cycle Inventory for MSW system  
Castro, James M. Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Montana Tech of the U Montana, 1300 West Park St, Butte, MT 59701-8997 USA USA +1 406 496 4753 Remediation of mine pit lakes; ecotoxicology; pollution prevention JN Moore    
Lo, Shang-Lien National Taiwan University Grad Inst Env Engineering, National Taiwan University, 71 Chou Shan Rd, Taipei 106, Taiwan Taiwan +886 2 236 25373 +886 2 239 28821 Waste minimization; recycling and source reduction YC Tsao Electroplating industry  
  National Technical University of Athens   Greece +30 1 7722064 +30 1 7722063 Environmental management in mining and metallurgy   Research Inst.; Greek centre for metallurgy and environmental management NO
  Netherlands Institute for Metals Research   Netherlands +31 15 278 2535 +31 15 278 2591 Metals science, production and engineering   Research Inst.; Dutch government funded centre pools research expertise from four universities. NO
Huijbregts, M.A.J. Nijmegen University Department of Environmental Science, Nijmegen University, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands Netherlands +31 0 24 3652835 +31 0 24 3653030 Life Cycle Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment, Uncertainty Analysis JB Guine; L Reijnders focuses on modeling impacts of toxic stress in river ecosystems  
Narita, Nobuhiko Nippon Steel Technoresearch Corp Hon-machi 4-40, Naka-ku Yokahama 231-0005, Japan Japan Life Cycle Assessment; LCI analysis; CO2 and SO2 emissions from pyro- and hydro-metallurgical copper Kohki Ichitsubo, Masayuki Sagisaka, Tadao Moro, Atsushi Inaba LCA for copper production system in Chile (2001)  
  OECD     +33 1 4524 8038 +33 1 4430 6271 Science, cleaner technology and managing natural resources in relation to SD   Intergovernmental; OECD convened a ministerial conference on SD in May 2001. Science directorate is working on policy to harness science and technology for SD through encouraging centres of excellence, R & D on ecosystems, cleaner technology and long trem impact of human activity on the environment. NO
Ho, K.C. Open University of Hong Kong Environmental Studies Program, Open Univ. Hong Kong, 30 Good Shepherd St., Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong People's Republic of China 852 2768 6803 852 2789 1170 Regional sustainability; water quality; point and nonpoint sources; cross-border; environmental management systems K.C.C. Hui    
  Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology   USA +1 503 748 1121 Principles of toxicology and risk assessment   Research Inst.; US graduate research centre specialising in acquatic risk assessment. NO
Donaldson, Andrew W. Penn State University Middletown, PA 17057, USA USA Pollution Prevention; Recycling   Pollution prevention in scrap metal recycling; titanium scrap  
Barron, Thomas Professional Engineer 3351 Beechwood Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549 USA +1 925 283 8121 +1 925 283 6746   Pollution Prevention; Runoff   Pollution prevention measures at South Bay POTWs to decrease copper in bay; heavy metals in runoff from roofs with copper elements  
Martchek, Kenneth J. Program Manager, Alcoa Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA SD/ Life Cycle Assessment/ metal recycling      
  Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)   Japan +81 3 5469 0502 +81 3 5469 0503 Innovative technology and SD   Research Inst.; Leading Japanese R & D centre has links to OECD NO
Reinirkens, P. Ruhr Universitat Fakultat fur Geowissenschaften, AG Stadtokologie/Bodenschutz, D-44780 Bochum Germany Sustainable Development in road planning; soil protection      
  Society for the Promotion of Life Cycle Assessment Development (SPOLD)     +32 2 456 2849 Life Cycle Assessment   Association of industries interested in accelerating the development of LCA NO
  Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)     +1 850 469 1500 +32 2 772 7281 +1 850 469 9778 +32 2 770 5386 (1) Ecological Risk Assessment (2) Life Cycle Assessment (3) Contaminted Soils (4) Whole Effluent Toxicity   Organises scientific conferences and has government and industry members. YES
  Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC)   USA +1 202 314 3822 +1 202 488 8679 Hub for socio-economic and earth science   Research Inst.; Columbia University based for linking socio-economic data to science NO
  Stockholm Environmetal Institute   Sweden +46 8 412 1400 +46 8 723 0348 (1)Sustainable Development Management Systems (2)Risk Evaluation   Research Inst.; Swedish Institute promoting link between science and SD public policy NO
Borjeson, L. Swedish Institute for Ecological Sustainability (IEH) Box 7980, S 907 19 Umea, Sweden Sweden +46 90 7869300 +46 90 7869309 End-of-life; Recycling Lofvenius, Hjelt, Johansson, Marklund Automotive end-of-life; car recycling  
Legarth, Jens Brobech Technical University of Denmark Lyngby Denmark Recycling; metals in manufacturing; product design for recycling      
  Technical University of Denmark   Denmark +45 425 56043 (1)Cleaner technology (2)Workplace assessment (3)Life Cycle Engineering   Research Inst.; Danish University involved in co-ordinating a LCA network NO
  Thailand National Science and Technology Agency (NSTA)   Thailand +662 6448 45099 +662 664 80279 Science, technology and innovation - SD   Research Inst.; Thailand's national R&D centre - has worked on APEC initiatives NO
Tukker, Arnold TNO Institute of Strategy, Technology and Policy P.O. Box 6030, Delft 2600 JA, Netherlands Netherlands +31 15 2 69 54 50 + 31 15 2 69 54 60 EN/department_do.asp?id=6 Life Cycle Assessment for incineration of hazardous wastes for Dutch MSWIs      
Furukawa, Michinobu Tokyo Gas Co Ltd. Energy and Environm Technol Lab, Tokyo 1050023, Japan Japan Life Cycle Assessment of residential gas appliances; cover nonferrous metals; Life cycle assessment of energy systems T Koyama; Y Muneta; Y Ooki    
  UNESCO Natural Sciences, environment and SD   Intergovernmental; UNESCO has a science section charged with co-ordinating external links realting to SD NO
  United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)     +1 212 963 3170 +1 212 963 4260 Science for SD   Intergovernmental; UNCSD has science as a listed point of focus in Chapter 35 of Agenda 21. It calls for: a) strengthening the scientific basis for sustainable management; b) enhancing scientific understanding; c) improving long-term scientific assessment; and d) building up scientific capacity and capability. UNESCO serves as task manager. NO
  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) (1) Natural Resource Management (2) Environmentally Preferable Goods (3) Environmental Management Systems   Intergovernmental; Project co-ordination with rest of UN system and industry partners, including natural resources. YES
  United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)     +31 20 525 6268 +31 20 625 8843 Sustainable Product Development   Intergovernmental; UNEP is constituting expert working groups, including on natural resources YES
Schwartz, Seymour I. ("Sy") Univ Calif Davis Environmental Studies, 2132 Wickson Hall, University of California, Davis, CA 95616 USA +1 530 752 3276 Policy analysis of hazardous waste management; risk assessment and quantitative methods for policy evaluation   Pollution prevention, waste reduction in metal plating and finishing industry  
Davis, B. Univ Tasmania Inst Antarctic & Southern Ocean Studies, GPO Box 252-77 Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia Australia +61 (03) 6226 2972 +61 (03) 6226 2973 SD; scientific uncertainty; public policy   Redevelopment of Mt Lyell Copper Mines; Political aspects of Antarctic Treaty System  
Allen, Herbert E. University of Delaware Dept. Civil Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716 USA +1 302 831 8449 +1 302 831 3640 Bioavailability of trace metals   Research Inst.; Faculty of Environmental Engineering researches biovailability and risk assessment. NO
Low, Nicholas University of Melbourne Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia Australia +61 3 8344 6417 +61 3 8344 5532 - low Conflicting social and ecological interests; resource allocation; politically grounded theory of justice; ecological responsibility B. Gleeson Ok Tedi as a case study  
Nriagu, Jerome O. University of Michigan Dept of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Education, Univ Michigan, 109 Observatory St., 2510 SPH 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029 USA +1 734 936 0706 +1 734 764 9424 Sources, fate and effects of toxic metals in the environment; environmental justice and environmental health in developing countries   Water quality issues in Great Lakes  
Bridge, Gavin University of Oklahoma Dept of Geography, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019 USA +1 405 325 5325 US copper industry; commodity production; social regulation; "metabolism of production"   Economic and resources geographer whose work addresses the environmental implications of restructuring in the minerals industry  
Santos, Teodoro M. University of the Philippines Natl Inst Geol Sci, Univ Philippines, Coll Sci, Quezon City 1101 Philippines Natural resources accounting; contribution of mining to sustainable economic development; system of natural accounts; copper and gold sectors; Mineral Economics, Economic Geology M.L. Zaratan    
Mogi, Gento University of Tokyo 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 113-8656 Japan +81 3 5841 7046 +81 3 3818 7492 Systems dynamic model of metal recycling; sustainable supply; optimum allocation of general waste recycling among industries; Life Cycle Assessment of CO2 emission for resources development T. Adachi; J. Yamatomi; S. Mismi    
Yamamoto, Ryoichi University of Tokyo Institute Industrial Science, 4-6-1 KOMABA MEGURO-KU, TOKYO 153-8505, JAPAN Japan +81 3 5452 6024 +81-3-5452-6094 Life Cycle Assessment of manufacturing of nonferrous metals; Development of environmentally conscious materials and Life Cycle Assessment N Itsubo    
Lemieux, Paul US EPA National Risk Management Res Lab, Res Triange Park, NC 27711, USA USA +1 919 541 0962 Multimetal continuous emission monitoring technologies JV Ryan (same address); NB French (Sky& Inc, Oakland, Calif); WJ Haas (Ames Lab);S Priebe (Idaho Nat Eng Env Lab); DB Burns (Westinghouse Savannah River Lab)    
Clausen, Carol A. USDA Forests Products Laboratory USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison, WI 53705-2398, USA USA +1 608 231 9476 +1 608 231 9592 Bioremediation   Bioremediation of CCA treated wood  
  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam   Netherlands +31 20 44 47070 Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment for essential metals   Research Inst.; Dutch university has department of ecology and ecotoxicology working on RA NO
  World Resources Institute   USA +1 202 729 7600 +1 202 729 7610 Resource management, biodiversity and climate change   Research Inst.; Washington DC based Institute adressing global environmental problems and resource management NO
  Wuppertal Institute   Germany +49 202 24920 +49 202 2492 108 (1)Materials Flow Analysis (2)Sustainable Resource Management   Research Inst.; Recognised German environmental think tank on LCA NO
  Yale University Center for Industrial Ecology   USA +1 203 432 5694 +1 203 432 5556 Materials Flow Analysis   Research Inst.; Part of School of Forestry and Environmental Studies researching stocks and flows of copper, zinc, cadmium and silver within the industrial ecosystem. NO
Reife, Abraham   60 Oakside Drive, Toms River, NJ 08755, USA USA Pollution prevention; waste minimization; source reduction HS Freeman (N Carolina State U, Raleigh, NC 27696, USA) Pollution prevention, waste minimization, source reduction in dye industry processes  

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