Meeting of the Three Ad-Hoc Working Groups


The first meeting of the three ad-hoc working groups will take place in London, April 18-20, 2001. More information regarding times, agendas and locations is available from each of the three Study Group Secretariats. For information related to the Production of Non-ferrous Metals Working Group, contact Dirk Kingma, International Nickel Study Group ( For information related to the Product Stewardship Working Group, contact Patrick Hurens, International Copper Study Group ( and for information related to the Science, Research and Development Working Group, contact Ian Burrell, International Lead and Zinc Study Group (

Any country, governmental or other organisation or stakeholder group (e.g. industry, user, NGO) keen to become actively involved in taking the work forward is welcome to participate in any of the three working groups.




International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group