Who We Are:

The three international non-ferrous metals study groups - the International Copper Study Group, the International Nickel Study Group and the International Lead and Zinc Study Group B are intergovernmental organisations that regularly bring together member countries of each group in an international forum to exchange information on their respective metals. They provide a unique and globally recognised source of industry statistics and organise twice yearly meetings between producing and consuming countries, industry and government representatives.

From 30 November to 3 December 1999, the three metal study groups convened a Workshop on the Sustainable Development of Non-ferrous Metals in London (United Kingdom). The Workshop was hosted by the UK Department of Trade & Industry. The Workshop was directed at the principal non-ferrous metals covered by the Study Groups, but also drew on relevant experience from other metals. Some 225 representatives from 25 countries, international organisations, industry, and some other non-governmental organisations participated in the Workshop. To continue the consultation process as reflected in the Co-chairs’ Workshop Summary, the member countries of the three Study Groups convened the first meeting of the Non-Ferrous Metals Consultative Forum on Sustainable Development at the end of September, 2000.

This Web site contains the reports from the London Workshop and meetings of the Consultative Forum and provides information on the activities related to the future collective work by the member countries of the three metal study groups.

For inquiries related to the information contained in this Web site or activities of the Consultative Forum, you may contact each of the Study Groups by e-mail at the following addresses:

International Copper Study Group: mail@icsg.org

International Lead and Zinc Study Group: root@ilzsg.org

International Nickel Study Group: INSG@INSG.org



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