Working Groups

Following advice from their Consultative Forum on Sustainable Development, the member countries of the three international non-ferrous metals study groups - the International Copper Study Group, the International Lead and Zinc Study Group and the International Nickel Study Group are establishing three ad-hoc working groups with a mandate to bring together existing work, share information, identify gaps and to rapidly initiate relevant activities related to the recommendations identified by the Forum for future action.

The overall objective for each group is to initiate some actions of common interest to all the stakeholders, that will enhance the contribution non-ferrous metals make to sustainable development, and proceed as quickly as possible.

Any country, governmental or other organisation or stakeholder group, e.g. industry, user, NGO, keen to become actively involved in taking the work forward can participate in any of the following working groups:

1. Production
Secretariat Support - INSG (
Contact: Dirk Kingma (


Product Stewardship
Secretariat Support - ICSG (
Contact: Patrick Hurens (


Science, Research and Development
Secretariat Support - ILZSG (
Contact: Ian Burrell (



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