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casphil c. jumawan, (philippines)
Research: all about non ferrous metals ans alloy mataterials




2.-0 LCA consultants
Weidema, Bo Pedersen, (Denmark)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment; co-product allocation

Aachen University
Institute of Mining Engineering I, (Germany)
Research: Sustainable Development Indicators in the Mineral Industries CRC 525: Resource-Orientated Analysis of the Material Flow of Metallic Raw Materials

Agence d'Úvaluation des technologies et des modes d'intervention en santÚ
Banken, Reiner, (Canada)
Research: Historical evolution of health impact assessments as part of the environmental assessment process; health policy

Alcoa Inc.
Martchek, Kenneth J., (USA)
Research: SD/ Life Cycle Assessment/ metal recycling

Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
Research: Contribution of science, engineering and technology to sustainable economic development

Asian Institute of Technology
Polprasert, Chongrak, (Thailand)
Research: Hazardous waste generation and processing; waste reduction measures; hazardous waste engineering; resources recovery

Brandenburgisches Umweltforschungszentrum e.V.
Ackermann, Peter, (Germany)
Research: Sustainable Development

CANMET - Materials Technology Laboratory
Research: Located in Ottawa, MTL is the largest research centre in Canada dedicated to metals and materials fabrication, processing and evaluation. A technical staff of almost 100 scientists and technicians, working in 6,000 square metres of well-equipped laboratories, is engaged in a research and development program designed to provide technology solutions for Canadian industry. MTL is also the national agency for the certification of personnel for nondestructive testing. An Engineering and Technical Services unit provides CANMET divisions with the support needed to carry out projects.

CANMET Mining and Minerals Sciences Laboratories
Research: Expertise includes advanced mining systems; mine-related health and safety; emissions and effluent management, including mine closures and reclamation; and metals in the environment.

CapCard Technology
Gary Streuter, (United States of America)
Research: Magnetic media for identification and security applications

CARACAS (Concerted Action on Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites) CLARINET (Contaminated Land Rehabilitation Network for Environmental Technologies in Europe)
Kasamas, Harald, (Europe)
Research: Risk Assessment, contaminated land rehabilitation

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESN)
Research: Hub for earth science sites

Center of Mineral Technology - CETEM - Centro de Tecnologia Mineral
Research: Research centre addressing the devolopment, adaptation and dissemination of mineral, metallurgical, materials and environmental tecnologies

Centre for Science and Environment, India
Research: Health and environment, climate change

Chalmers University of Technology
Rňde, Ingrid, (Sweden)
Research: Datasets for Life Cycle Assessments

Civ Eng Corps
Gilles, D.G., (USA)
Research: Waste generation and minimization

Collaborative Research Centre 525
Research: (1)Metallic raw materials flows (2)Sustainable resource management

College of Engineering, Depatment of Civil Engineering
Solo-Gabriele, Helena, (USA)
Research: Waste minimization, re-use, recycling, disposal; drinking water issues

CRESTA, Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney
Prof Jim Petrie, Dr Mary Stewart, (Australia)
Research: The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney has a research programme in several key areas of Sustainability, all underpinned by the philosophy of Life Cycle Thinking, embodied in the use (and further development) of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to support Decision Making. Our guiding premise is that Decision Making is a value-laden exercise, and requires a support framework within which all stakeholder views can be elicited and brought into the decision making exercise. Decision Making requires the articulation of multiple objectives, of which "minimisation of environmental impact" is but one. Whilst LCA, as it is currently conceived, goes some way to informing environmental objectives, it is not necessarily the best tool for all decision making contexts. Equally, LCA as a tool has no value in formulating other objectives whose optimisation is sought in any decision making exercise - eg. techno-economic, socio-political. That said, the guiding principles of Life Cycle Thinking do have value here. As an ideal, we should strive to find a common approach to the formulation of ALL objectives, and to develop a "tools selection" methodology which suits any particular decision context. Our own research programme is structured to deliver on both these needs. Our Life Cycle Thinking-based Decision Making research is supported by an analysis of different decision contexts, including - Project selection and other strategic decisions; - Technology selection, flowsheet development, detailed process design and evaluation; and - Process optimisation

CSIRO Minerals Sustainable Development
Research: Researching how the minerals industry can participate in and contribute towards society's transition to more sustainable development; the relationships between the minerals industry and its stakeholders, including issues of consultation, verification and community aspirations; how to account for all of the cradle-to-gate impacts and costs of the minerals industry.

CYTED-XIII Iberoamerican Programme on Minerals Technology
Research: Sustainable development issues in the minerals extraction industries

Degree Program
Akpo Nenu Gibson, (Nigeria)
Research: Copperproduction and its environmental implications

Delft University of Technology
Reuter, Markus Andreas, (Netherlands)
Research: Simulation of industrial systems; ISO 14000; Life Cycle Assessment; simulation model with interconnected routes for several metals

Departmenet of Manufacturing Engineering
Nielsen, Pia Holst, (Denmark)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Huang, Yinlun, (USA)
Research: Environmental pollution prevention

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati
Buchberger, Steven G., (USA)
Research: Best Management practices for urban highway runoff

Department of Civil Engineering
Barlaz, Morton A., (USA)
Research: Life Cycle Inventory

Department of Environment
Farzaneh Moshayedi, (IRAN)
Research: Waste Management in Minning

Department of Materials Science
Xu, Jingcheng, (China)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment

Department of Silviculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Athanassiadis, Dimitris, (Sweden)
Research: Application of Life Cycle Assessment

Empresa de Reciclagem de Angola, Lda.
CÚsar Galiano Celestino, (Angola)
Research: Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap

Envirosafe International Pty.
Young, Brian C., (Australia)
Research: Value-added agglomeration; waste minimization; greenhouse effect; metallurgical solid wastes

European Union
Research: Sustainable Development Strategy (climate change, public health, pressure on natural resources)

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor
Petek, Janez, (Slovenia)
Research: Waste Minimization methodology

Shuey, S.A., ()
Research: Mine site remediation

GeoBiotics, LLC
Todd Harvey, (USA)
Research: Biological systems for extracting base metals

IMAAC/UNIDO (International Materials Assessment and Application Centre
Villas B˘as, Roberto C., (Brazil)
Research: Promotion of discussions, conferences, seminars, book and position papers on the issues of sustainable development and materials sectors of the economy

Inco Ltd
Middleton, W.J., (Canada)
Research: Life Cycle Inventory/ Life Cycle Assessment methodologies

Independant Consultant
Reife, Abraham, (USA)
Research: Pollution prevention; waste minimization; source reduction

Industrial Development Bureau
Chiu, Shen-Yann, (USA)
Research: Waste Minimization

Industrial Environmental Management Program
Lifset, Reid J., (USA)
Research: Industrial Ecology; solid wastes; environmental impact of e-commerce; Extended Producer Responsibility

Institute for Advanced Materials Processing, Tohoku University
Nakamura, Takashi, (Japan)
Research: Recycling; waste minimization

Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Lan, C.Y., (Hong Kong)
Research: Reclamation of mine tailings; remediation

International Development Research Centre
Research: Mining Policy Research Initiative (1) Environmental and Health Impacts (2) Mining and Environmental Research

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University
Research: (1)Cleaner Production (2)Product Research

International Materials Assessment and Application Centre (IMAAC) / UNIDO
Research: Sustainable Development strategies for the production of materials

ITT Fluid Technology
Ayers, Robert L., (USA)
Research: SD; industrial water management; water crisis; sustainable economic growth

Moolenaar, Simon W., (Netherlands)
Research: Environmental management systems, materials flow accounting, soil quality management, substance flow analysis, heavy metals

Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Itubo, Norihiro, (Japan)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment

K.P. Lindstrom, Inc.
Lindstrom, Kris P., (USA)
Research: Pollution Prevention; Source Reduction

Kanikavan Company
Farzaneh Moshayedi, (I.R.Iran)
Research: Minning & Environmental Management

Kemestrie Inc.
Abatzoglou, Nicholas, (Canada)
Research: "Zero effluent" technologies

Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Research: Materials science, technology and environment

Lulea University of Technology
Forssberg, Eric, (Sweden)
Research: End-of-life electric and electronic management; recycling

Metals in the Environment Research Network
Research: Ecological Risk Assessment, metals transformation, metals and human health, metals and ecosystems

Michigan Technological University
Kerfoot, W.C., (USA)
Research: Copper mining; copper cycling in lake ecosystem; Director - Lake Superior Ecosystem Research Center

Minerals Metals and Sustainable Development (MMSD)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment

Mining and Energy Research Network (MERN)
Warhurst, Alyson, (United Kingdom)
Research: Environmental, social and economic impacts of development projects within the mining, minerals, metals and energy sectors, and their implications for public policy, community well-being and corporate strategy

Mining Policy Research Initiative (MPRI)
Research: To support applied and participatory research on issues related to mining and sustainable development in mining regions and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, fostering collaboration among different stakeholders related with the subject and improving the access and use of relevant information on the subject in the Region.

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Harrington, Karen, (USA)
Research: Life Cycle Inventory

Prof.Dr.Eng. B. BAKKAR, (EGYPT)

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
Castro, James M., (USA)
Research: Remediation of mine pit lakes; ecotoxicology; pollution prevention

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)
Masayuki, Sagisaka, (Japan)
Research: CA for mineral industries, sustainable development, energy resources analysis, mine safety

National Taiwan University
Lo, Shang-Lien, (Taiwan)
Research: Waste minimization; recycling and source reduction

National Technical University of Athens
Research: Environmental management in mining and metallurgy

Netherlands Institute for Metals Research
Research: Metals science, production and engineering

Nickel Development Institute
Bruce McKean, (Global (Toronto, Canada, HQ))
Research: Recycling, recycling efficiency, product durability, stocks and flows of nickel

Nijmegen University
Huijbregts, M.A.J., (Netherlands)
Research: Life Cycle Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment, Uncertainty Analysis

Nippon Steel Technoresearch Corp
Narita, Nobuhiko, (Japan)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment; LCI analysis; CO2 and SO2 emissions from pyro- and hydro-metallurgical copper

Open University of Hong Kong
Ho, K.C., (People's Republic of China)
Research: Regional sustainability; water quality; point and nonpoint sources; cross-border; environmental management systems

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
Research: Principles of toxicology and risk assessment

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
Research: Science, cleaner technology and managing natural resources in relation to SD

Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre
Research: Established in 1982, the Centre is one of the largest graduate teaching and research institutes of Earth Sciences in Canada, and represents the combined expertise of the Departments of Earth Sciences at Carleton University and University of Ottawa. The Centre offers programs leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees with emphasis in environmental geoscience, isotope geochemistry, petrology, geomathematics/computing; mineral and petroleum resource geology, sedimentary systems and basin analysis, tectonics, geodynamics, seismic engineering and seismology and physical geography.

Penn State University
Donaldson, Andrew W., (USA)
Research: Pollution Prevention; Recycling

Professional Engineer
Barron, Thomas, (USA)
Research: Pollution Prevention; Runoff

Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)
Research: Innovative technology and SD

Ruhr Universitat
Reinirkens, P., (Germany)
Research: Sustainable Development in road planning; soil protection

SB Young
Steven B Young, (Canada)
Research: Materials stewardship LCA Greenhouse gas measurement

Society for the Promotion of Life Cycle Assessment Development (SPOLD)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
Research: (1) Ecological Risk Assessment (2) Life Cycle Assessment (3) Contaminted Soils (4) Whole Effluent Toxicity

Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC)
Research: Hub for socio-economic and earth science

Stockholm Environmetal Institute
Research: (1)Sustainable Development Management Systems (2)Risk Evaluation

Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI)
Research: A principal objective of SMI is to conduct research that develops new technologies to improve mining industry productivity from exploration to closure; maximises the economic and social value of mineral resources and assets with acceptable environmental impact; improves the health and safety of the working environment; and makes an informed and independent contribution to the debate and policy development associated with the environmental and social issues fundamental to a sustainable mining industry.

Swedish Institute for Ecological Sustainability (IEH)
Borjeson, L., (Sweden)
Research: End-of-life; Recycling

Technical University of Denmark
Legarth, Jens Brobech, (Denmark)
Research: Recycling; metals in manufacturing; product design for recycling

Technical University of Denmark
Research: (1)Cleaner technology (2)Workplace assessment (3)Life Cycle Engineering

Thailand National Science and Technology Agency (NSTA)
Research: Science, technology and innovation - SD

TNO Environment, Energy and Process Innovation
RenÚ H.J. Korenromp, (The netherlands)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment Eco-efficiency Emissions Assessment

TNO Institute of Strategy, Technology and Policy
Tukker, Arnold, (Netherlands)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment for incineration of hazardous wastes for Dutch MSWIs

Tokyo Gas Co Ltd.
Furukawa, Michinobu, (Japan)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment of residential gas appliances; cover nonferrous metals; Life cycle assessment of energy systems

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)
Research: Science for SD

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Research: (1) Natural Resource Management (2) Environmentally Preferable Goods (3) Environmental Management Systems

United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
Research: Natural Sciences, environment and SD

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Research: Sustainable Product Development

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forests Products Laboratory
Clausen, Carol A., (USA)
Research: Bioremediation

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
Lemieux, Paul, (USA)
Research: Multimetal continuous emission monitoring technologies

University of California, Davis
Schwartz, Seymour I. ("Sy"), (USA)
Research: Policy analysis of hazardous waste management; risk assessment and quantitative methods for policy evaluation

University of Delaware
Allen, Herbert E., (USA)
Research: Bioavailability of trace metals

University of Melbourne
Low, Nicholas, (Australia)
Research: Conflicting social and ecological interests; resource allocation; politically grounded theory of justice; ecological responsibility

University of Michigan
Nriagu, Jerome O., (USA)
Research: Sources, fate and effects of toxic metals in the environment; environmental justice and environmental health in developing countries

University of Oklahoma
Bridge, Gavin, (USA)
Research: US copper industry; commodity production; social regulation; "metabolism of production"

University of Tasmania
Davis, B., (Australia)
Research: SD; scientific uncertainty; public policy

University of the Philippines
Santos, Teodoro M., (Philippines)
Research: Natural resources accounting; contribution of mining to sustainable economic development; system of natural accounts; copper and gold sectors; Mineral Economics, Economic Geology

University of Tokyo
Mogi, Gento, (Japan)
Research: Systems dynamic model of metal recycling; sustainable supply; optimum allocation of general waste recycling among industries; Life Cycle Assessment of CO2 emission for resources development

University of Tokyo
Yamamoto, Ryoichi, (Japan)
Research: Life Cycle Assessment of manufacturing of nonferrous metals; Development of environmentally conscious materials and Life Cycle Assessment

University of Zimbabwe
Felix chiramba, (Zimbabwe)
Research: Environmental management

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research: Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment for essential metals

World Resources Institute
Research: Resource management, biodiversity and climate change

Wuppertal Institute
Research: (1)Materials Flow Analysis (2)Sustainable Resource Management

Yale University Center for Industrial Ecology
Research: Materials Flow Analysis

York Centre for Applied Sustainability
Research: To promote the application of sustainability principles and practices throughout society, including in the public sector, the private sector, the civil sector, and in education.

International Copper Study Group International Lead and Zinc Study Group International Nickel Study Group